Professional Roof Maintenance: What to Expect

June 3, 2024

professional roof maintenance

In Reno, NV, a roof can last around 25-30 years. However, without regular maintenance, you may need to replace it sooner. Professional roof maintenance helps your roof withstand weather elements like rain, heat, wind, and snow. It’s the only way to avoid costly and time-consuming roof repairs down the line.

As leading roofers in Reno, NV, we recommend getting your roof tuned by experts at least once a year. Roofing maintenance service providers know what they are doing. They can detect potential issues that your untrained eyes might miss. It reduces the risk of unexpected leaks and damages that might take your monthly budget for a toss. 

For this reason, you should hire an experienced Reno roofing contractor. But the question is, what should you expect from professional roof maintenance?

Let’s find out.

The Professional Roof Maintenance Process

We recommend a professional tune-up because it’s a complete roofing process. It takes care of everything from a thorough inspection to the necessary repairs.

Typically, it involves the following steps:

1. Schedule Initial Inspection

When you reach out to a roof maintenance service provider, first they will schedule an initial inspection. During the inspection, they will discuss your specific concerns and needs. 

Some providers might discuss what you need over the phone. However, they will not proceed without an inspection. The inspection is scheduled at your convenience. It involves thoroughly checking your roof for potential leaks and damages.

2. Thorough Roof Inspection

During the inspection, experts from the roof maintenance company will meticulously check your roof. They often look for any signs of damage, wear, and potential leaks. The roofers might climb onto your roof to look for damaged or missing shingles. Don’t worry. They have all the necessary safety gear and training.

Exterior Roof Inspection

  • Clogged and damaged gutters and downspouts 
  • Damaged flashing, skylights, chimneys, and other roof installations 
  • Damaged, loosened, or missing shingles 
  • Dirt and debris that might clog or damage the roof
  • Damaged or rotten fascia board
  • Siding above the roof

Interior Roof Inspection 

  • Attic ventilation
  • Sagged decking
  • Cracks on roof sheathing
  • Signs of moisture buildup and mold or mildew  

That’s how thorough a roofing maintenance service is when checking your roof. This inspection lays down the foundation of your roof repair and maintenance.

3. Detailed Report and Recommendations

After the inspection, the roof maintenance company will send you a detailed report, typically in two to three business days. The report outlines the present condition of your roof, including the extent of damage. It will also include maintenance recommendations or roof repair tips.

Most importantly, it will provide an estimate of the costs of any suggested services. This will help you understand how much you will need to spend on the repair and maintenance of the roof.

Common Roof Maintenance Services Include in The Tune-Up

Each roof maintenance company has its own policies. However, you can usually expect them to perform the following tasks.

1. Minor Repairs

This is one of the most common roof maintenance services. It involves fixing minor damages like cracked or missing shingles and flashing. These areas are often the first line of defense against water and weather elements. So, roofing experts focus on fixing these issues quickly and efficiently.

2. Cleaning and Debris Removal

Your roof, especially downspouts and rain gutters, can accumulate debris over time. This can lead to water pooling and mold damage. So, the roofing company will clean gutters, downspouts, and roofs as a part of routine roof maintenance services.

3. Moss and Algae Removal

Reno doesn’t have a damp climate. The summers are hot, and the winters are cold and arid. Still, if there is a leak in your roof, you might have moss and algae growth. These organisms can cling to roof surfaces, particularly shingles, causing irreversible damage. So, if required, your roofer will remove moss and algae.

4. Tightening Loose Fasteners

Over time, the fasteners that hold your roof components together may become loose. The roofers will tighten these fasteners. This is a simple yet very critical step in the maintenance of your roof.

5. Recommendations

After completing the routine maintenance, your roofing expert might provide a few maintenance and roof repair tips. These can help you with minor tune-ups and keep your roof in excellent shape until the next professional roof maintenance.

What More Do You Need to Know

You have to keep a few things in mind when selecting a roof maintenance company in Reno.

They are:

1. Qualifications and Experience

There might be many roofers in Reno, NV. But how many of them are qualified and experienced? Be sure to work with a certified, insured, and experienced roofer like Mountain Vista Roofing. They will maintain and repair your roof efficiently and safely.

2. Clear Communication and Written Estimates

Reliable roofers always provide detailed written estimates and inspection reports. They are also transparent about pricing and the maintenance process.

3. Safety First

Safety always comes first. Professional roofers adhere to strict safety protocols. They protect themselves and your property during maintenance.

Schedule Your Professional Roof Maintenance

Scheduling at least one professional roof maintenance a year is necessary. It can keep your roof working smoothly for years. During the maintenance, you can expect the roofer to inspect your roof, provide a detailed estimate, and perform minor repairs. Also, they might offer additional recommendations. Just make sure to hire a certified, insured, and experienced roofer. 

Do you want to schedule your professional roof maintenance in Reno? You’ve come to the right place. Mountain Vista Roofing is an expert in roof repair, maintenance, and replacement. Call us to schedule yours.

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